Cricket is the most appealing game when it comes to betting. There are few sports that can match the Gentleman’s Game when it comes to betting on odds – wins, team totals, number of 4s, 6s, no-balls and dozens of others. You can bet on the outcomes of the contest or hundreds of other individual odds during a game. If you want the best cricket betting tips that improve your odds we at Cricket Betting Tips bring to you the most qualified online Cricket betting tips for free. 


Knowledge is power

By good cricket betting tips that we give on our research, you can see very big difference in the amount of money you make by way on betting on cricket. Using our betting tips on cricket you will be in a position to learn how to manage your money, make favorable cricket betting in your favour and predict winners to get all the edge you need.

The Second option is not following our cricket betting tips and betting on your team, the team which is wearing the ‘blue’ jersey or your favorite batsman, bowlers or other players who are your favourite.

It is your choice and we are not going to force you to follow our online cricket betting tips for free because it is your money and you are not using my money.

Cricket Schedule & Batting Tips


Here we are providing 5 Cricket Betting Tips that will be helpful for your cricket betting. We know that they all seem basic. But if you pick some of them and take action on what you have learnt, you’ll come out to be a better side, emerging you as profitable bettor.

Let’s get started.

1. Read Books

I am recommending 3 books that help you in your cricket betting tips.
1.    Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong
2.    Weighing the Odds in Sports Betting by King Yao
3.    Conquering Risk: Attacking Vegas and Wall Street by Elihu D. Feustel

Note that none of these are going to make you a big winner over night, neither will they show step-by-step how you can win at cricket betting, but they will give you understanding of cricket betting. These books are exhaustive and fluff-free and give you good knowledge about sports betting including tips on cricket betting. So take your time and take notes of the betting tips.

2. Maintain Multiple Accounts

I don’t mean you should have multiple accounts at service provider. That will get you into trouble. You want to have an account at 3-5 different service providers. And there’s a simple reason why: Many service providers are competitive on price. But with some a bit of shopping and luck, you can find a better price. This means you pay less to make your bet. In turn you lose less on your losers and make more (bigger margin) on your winners.
Another reason for having multiple accounts is so that you can arbitrage.
Here’s an explanation of sports betting arbitrage: This is an activity where you bet on all possible outcomes of an event at odds that will guarantee a profit, no matter the result.
This is possible to pull off – assuming the service provider allows it –OR- you can get away with it – because there are often discrepancies between service providers on their lines. And they’re constantly in a state of flux. If you shop around, find good prices and buy everything up, even when you lose you still win.

3. Bankroll Management

This goes beyond betting according to a set of rules, or not going on tilt.
If you want to make money on cricket betting, you need to

1) have a large bankroll so you can split it up between multiple books/accounts and your bankroll needs to be large enough to handle losses. The more you want to split up your money, the more money you should have.

2) if you bet for a living, you should have enough money for living expenses that you don’t need to pull any profits out until your bankroll is HUGE.
How much? That depends on you. The biggest sharps will have 6-7+ figure bankrolls. Enough to place bets and pay their runners. Your ambitions may be different. So, scale accordingly.

4. Research

You have to do some research before you place your cricket betting.
If you’re willing to do research, you’ll have to look for current data like injuries, weather, starting players, and so on. You’ll also have to look for past data like how these players have performed, how the weather has impacted the game before, scores, etc.
It’s a lot of data on which you have to do your data that is why there are so few pro bettors.

5. Join the Legitimate Cricket Betting tips Website

What do we mean by this?
A couple things: First, you have to join a legitimate betting site like ours. It doesn’t do any good to win money if you’ll never get paid.
Second, you have to join a service provider that allows winners and, preferably, those that won’t cap winners to making small bets.
Third, you have to find a betting site that offers deals like cash back or anything to put more money into your pocket.

CONCLUSION: These are just a few ways to get better at cricket betting, thus making you more cash doing so. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee. Even the most consistent and profitable bettors only win an average of 60-70%. 

But if you are willing to put some hard work, you too can make more money on cricket betting.


You come to this section which indicates that you are interested in making money by way of betting on cricket. We may be able to help you by sharing these tips on cricket betting. But let’s clear one thing that making money by betting on sports – cricket betting or otherwise – is damn hard. Thousands try, but actually, few of them make money.

If you think that you sign up our website, make a deposit, place a few bets, and then all of a sudden be rolling in the cash, we advise you to close this window right now and trust me, I am saving your hard earned money. The reason sports betting is so hard is because you’re often flipping a coin, but you’re never flip a book or do research for understanding the nature of the cricket betting job. You have to overcome this situation if you want to make a profit through free cricket betting tips. For most people this will come down to luck. But if you want to give yourself an edge a few recreational bettors have, then continue reading – you might just be lucky.